Go for a faxless payday loan

Of all the online payday loans available, a faxless loan get you your money quicker. No more trips to find a fax machine.

The whole point of purchasing anything online is the speed and convenience and if you are requesting a payday loan, you probably want it quickly. Getting a payday loan that requires faxing sort of misses the point. Sure, you can fill out the form online, but then you have to photocopy the documents they want faxed since you can only send regular paper through the fax machine. So you’ve got to figure out where the nearest copy machine is. Is there a copy center nearby? An office supply store? Maybe your drug store has one. Is it 3AM and everywhere is closed? Once you’ve got everything copied and ready for the fax machine, you’ve got to find the fax machine. Fortunately, most places that have copy machines also have fax machines, so you won’t have to go on another search, but it’s still a hassle to find one. Then there’s the cost of all this copying and faxing. Copies will probably run you ten cents per page, so if you’ve got two documents to fax, there’s 20 cents. Faxing is a bit more. It could cost you up to two dollars for the first page and another dollar for each additional page. Let’s not mention the cost of the gas you used just getting to the fax machine and then back home. Granted, this isn’t a whole lot of money – maybe five dollars – but it is an additional cost added on top of what the payday loan company will charge for the loan. If you’re getting a payday loan, you probably have a cash crisis on your hands; do you really want to be spending more?

Faxless payday loans are great because they avoid all of this hassle and additional cost. All you need to do is fill out the online form, then someone from the lender may call you to confirm your details. There’s most likely no need to collect your documents to be copied and faxed at additional cost to you. You can fill out the form from the comfort of your own home in your jammies, if you want. The online payday loan industry is so competitive that there’s no reason to get anything but a faxless loan.

Like any sort of payday loan, you can get into trouble with faxless loans. They are not intended to support on-going budget problems. If you use them that way, you could end up paying a lot of money for a small loan or harming your credit. However, if you use them properly, faxless online payday loans can be a great solution to your emergency cash needs.…

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