Payday loan uses for car repairs

Car problems – is there anything more frustrating? Whether you just bought the car of your dreams or you’ve been in the same vehicle for longer than you can remember, nobody likes it when they hear that indescribable sound followed by smoke followed by the promise of an outlandish repair bill at the local auto shop that will set you behind for weeks.

“I remember right where it happened,” recalls Jessica who hails from Los Angeles. “I was on the I-10 when I heard the sound of metal grinding all over the place. I was late for work; one of my kids was sick, and now this? It was only Monday and already I was having a bad week!”

Jessica’s story isn’t uncommon. All too often we take advantage of the basics like transportation, and we are only reminded of how vital a working car is in today’s society when disaster strikes. Without a car, we have to find additional ways to make it to work, which means putting up with time-consuming public transportation or the embarrassment of relying on friends and relatives to get from point A to point B.

“I was mortified,” Jessica explains. “When I got to the repair shop, the parts alone totaled over $200, plus labor. They estimated the total bill to be about $450.00. I knew I couldn’t afford it right away, so I needed cash and I needed it fast.”

Across the street from the repair shop was a payday loan store, the type that can be found on almost every street corner now days. “It was dirty inside and I felt uncomfortable,” said Jessica while cringing slightly. “I knew they could give me a payday loan and solve my problem, but for some reason I couldn’t do it. Being in a store like that just didn’t feel right to me.”

Jessica’s problem isn’t that unusual. Payday loan stores nationwide generally aren’t located in the best neighborhoods, nor do they offer competitive pricing on cash advances because they have overhead costs like rent, power and so on. As a result, brick-and-mortar stores like the one she visited charge a premium on their loan products.

Later that night, Jessica went home and researched cash advances on the internet. She found a number of sites offering anything from cash advance articles to various sign-ups, and ended up choosing Personal Cash Advance to get her payday loan online.

“I was shocked how easy it was,” smiled Jessica. “You’d think getting a cash advance online would be more difficult than just a couple of minutes. I just typed in my personal information and where I wanted the cash advance to go and then bang – I was on track for an approval! I went to the repair shop the next business day after my I got my loan, paid for my car, and my life was right back on track. A cash advance is a great way to put out all those little fires that catch us off guard sometimes, so you better believe I keep that site bookmarked!”…

Payday loan dangers

Payday loans can be a very appealing and, in many cases, very useful method to solve short term emergency cash needs. However, there are certain drawbacks that you should keep in mind. Payday loans can lead to “lost” pay, high interest rate, fees, penalties and lead you down a path to debt.

Payday loans are temporary solutions, so don’t abuse their power. You can use mulitple payday loans, it just may not be a good idea to take out one ever two weeks. If you have an on-going budgeting problem, you should seek credit counselling to help you get your finances under control. The National Foundation for Credit Counselling can help you and can be reached at 1-800-388-2227.…

Online payday loan benefits

Online payday loans offer many benefits to those in a cash crunch. These benefits can make a payday loan an appealing option in an emergency.

The biggest advantage is speed. People who sign up for payday loans usually have an emergency need for cash. Online lenders can get you cash quickly. The sign up form only takes a few minutes to complete, and the funds are usually deposited on the next business day. Conventional loans typically take much longer to process. When you’re in an emergency, you don’t have a long time to wait for approval. An online lender shortens the wait.

The other big advantage is convenience. Online payday loan lenders are available from any computer with internet access. One simple Google search for “payday loan” will get you a list of dozens of lenders. You never have to leave the comfort of your own home. This makes getting loan extremely easy.

While online payday loans offer many benefits, you must remember that borrowing against your paycheck presents some risk. As long as you are not using payday loans to support an on-going budget problem and are financially responsible, obtaining a payday loan can be very beneficial.…

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